Carlton Laser Quality MeetingEveryone says that they “do quality“.  The difference between talking about quality and actually delivering quality is based within the open relationships which we encourage with our clients.

A typical sales meeting will involve a representative from every department that will be involved in producing the product – our structure sees Sales as an integral part of the production process.

Our reputation for the quality of our work is one of which we are very proud. We are continually striving to both maintain and improve upon our high standards.

Our systems are much more than a set of manuals on a bookshelf.  Our estimating process assures reliability, since the Sales Team take ownership of each stage of the processing of the order.  We see our Sales Team as part of the engineering process, they do the planning to produce the quote.  Your order is benchmarked against our intelligent database that uses previous orders to ensure that our knowledge system is constantly updated.  When an enquiry comes into Carlton Laser, it is broken into batches and the quotation generated from basics, so there are no off-the-cuff quotes for time and cost.  See a few of the process sheets that we use the ensure consistent quality and customer care.

Production Process

Companies such as; Ifor Williams, Buhler, Burley Appliances and Unipart endorse the quality of our product.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our ISO 9001 accreditation. Work is inspected at every possible stage to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We are pleased to invite customer quality audits at your own convenience.

We also believe that the quality of our team is vital to success of our organisation and that is why we are committed to the Investors in People scheme