Carlton Laser ready for upsurge in business

In today’s competitive industrial market place, it is imperative that Carlton Laser Services remains competitive and here at Carlton we have placed an order for three “state of art” Press Brakes worth £0.75m for delivery August 2010, in readiness to take advantage of the impending upsurge in manufacturing, that Dennis Kent, Carlton’s CEO believes is about to happen.

Further evidence of this Is backed up by the CBI’s latest Quarterly Trends survey which shows UK manufacturing strengthening, with exports growing and the first rise in domestic orders in two and a half years.

Also the Confederation of British Metalforming (CBM) reports that inquiries and overall orders are running at their highest since 2008.

The three press brakes in question are from the manufacturer LVD the make leader in this field.

Such machines will enable us to meet the constantly changing market place requiring flexibility, reliability and the use of advanced production techniques that ensure end- product quality as a result of the patented exact measurement of angle during the bending process.

Press brakes use force to shape and bend sheet metal and other materials.