Buhler Case Study

Case Study – How Carlton Laser helped Global Player Buhler

Carlton Laser have worked with Buhler, who are a global market leader in Food Processing, Chemical Process Engineering, and Die Casting.  Buhler needed to generate lean process improvements, that included rationalising the supply process of components manufactured by Carlton Laser.

Carlton Laser are proud of their ability to work with customers to meet their needs.  After understanding Buhler’s needs, we developed a customised trolley system to transport the components when they were needed, based on demand not production planning.

Impact of using customised trolleys for component transport



Process Steps

1.  Fit protective caps to studs
2.  Wrap in bubble wrap and seal with tape
3.  Place on pallet
4.  Shrink wrap to pallet
5.  Transport to site
6.  Remove shrink wrap
7.  Load from pallet to trolley
8.  Move to work location
9.  Unwrap and suppose of packing
10. Remove caps to studs and recycle

Process Steps

1.  Load onto trolley
2.  Transport to site
3.  Move to work location





Weight Lifted

  • 8.2 + 4 + 1.4 = 13.6 kg per Z3 machine
  • Say 200 kg per week on this item alone
Weight Lifted

  • None


Materials Used

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Tape
  • Plastic Caps
  • Shrink Wrap
Material Used

  • None



Risk of Damage before useMedium

  • Bent panels
  • Paint damage
  • Scratches from studs
Risk of Damage before use – Low

    •  None


Number of items ordered/damaged


Number of items ordered/damaged