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Kanban Systems

Carlton Laser can support you if you have a Kanban stock management system that requires the steady supply of machined parts to your plant, or from one plant to another.

Design & support

We can help you design a Kanban system to ensure that our production systems respond to your needs, rather than predictions or forecasts of demand.  This will allow you to develop your own Lean manufacturing processes.

Lean manufacturing processes

Develop a Kanban system

The Kanban system was devised by Toyota to support the production system so that it achieved lean manufacturing at all their plants.  Taiichi Ohno is the man credited with developing just-in-time (JIT) production and Kanban is a means through which JIT is achieved.

Carlton Laser can help you develop a Kanban system to manufacture and supply components from our factory in order to keep your inventory levels low whilst ensuring that there are always components available for your production lines.

Originally Kanban used cards to signal the need to re-supply an item. However, Carlton Laser has taken this forward with more practical solutions, one of which is an empty part-transport trolley produced for Buhler.

Benefits of Kanban Systems

  • Lean and efficient inventory control
  • Reduce your work in progress
  • Increase your productivity
  • Reduction in floor space needed to store inventories
  • Lead time improvement
  • Allow better customer response
Case study

Buhler case study

We can develop Kanban and Just In Time systems for all types of component supply.  We have developed systems for Buhler, the global market leader in Food Processing, Chemical Process Engineering, and Die Casting.

Carlton Laser helped Buhler to generate lean process improvements by rationalising the supply process of components manufactured by Carlton Laser.

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