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Folding & Robotic Folding

Innovation and quality are the key to our success within the highly competitive precision engineering industry.

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Innovation and quality ensures our continued status as a preferred supplier to our valued customers, both large and small.

Folding & Robotic Folding

To complement all its other production services, Carlton Laser Services has a full range of metal forming facilities including CNC folding and bending machines. Top of the range is the Colgar/ Starmatik Robotic Folding Cell.

Key Features:

  • 125 ton High precision Pressbrake
  • Gantry mounted Fanuc Robot
  • 4 Pallet Load, 8 Pallet offload system
  • Enabling unmanned operation
  • Laser angle measuring system
  • Laser angle measuring system
  • Offline Robotic Cell Programming
  • SMS link and tele-diagnostics

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