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Reverse Engineering

At Carlton Laser we can use our Virtek Laser QC machine to produce CNC programming so that we can reproduce metal components exactly, even if you do not have any drawings.

Reliable & accurate supplier

If you are not getting the service from your current supplier and need a reliable, accurate supplier then bring your component to Carlton Laser and we can help you. If you have a component, we can produce the CNC programming and accurately reproduce your component in bulk.

Reverse Engineering

Highly accurate technology

Carlton Laser use the built-in feature of the LaserQC system to provide reverse engineering. The scanning process captures the profile of existing parts or templates using highly accurate laser-scanning technology. 

The images are captured and the data is stored in CAD-compatible .dxf files. The built-in software enables the scan data and part profile to be manipulated on screen to optimise the CAD model quality. Using the LaserQC eliminates the need for slow and costly hand measurement and CAD programming – we are able to produce the final CAD solution in minutes.

We are able to provide:

  • Accuracy to +/- 0.05 mm (0.002″)
  • Quickly scan components
  • Comply with ISO and QS requirements
  • Provide.dxf, .dwg and .igs CAD file formats
  • Make complex measurements quickly and easily

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